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PLEASE NOTE: Users are requested to post every new Ad on your Facebook Home and upload that Url link to Admin.*

AD Posting - Overview

Ad Posting, program is one of the easiest & instant income programs. Ad Posting can be done though many medium, such as through media, magazines, newspapers, Internet, etc. But the best way is through the medium of Internet.

It provides the opportunity for people from all over India to earn money on the Internet. Generating a stable online income by sitting at home is something that most of us would like to achieve.

Today people are more interested in searching jobs & income opportunity on Internet rather than referring any newspaper. Doing this they get huge database of company, instant business details, online support, online payment options & many more.

The bottom part of Ad Posting is post Ads on website & get paid. The job is simple, as we will be providing all the advertising matters & list of more than some free classified websites where you can Post Free Ads. So there won't be a burden for you to search the best sites. Apart from this you can also search on free classified websites such as Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and MSN search.

We will provide some Free classified websites list & 2-3 Ad matters. You have to just open website from list and copy paste matter from given matter on website.

Your Daily/Monthly Income

URL uploading will be blocked on every Tuesdays for the proper and correct updation of received URLs..
No: of Ads you post daily: 100 x (Rs.2 per Ad Posting)
Daily Income: Rs.200
Monthly Income: Rs.6000
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